All Grain delivered will be put in open storage unless contracted or sold. Every Friday night all grain that was received the previous week Saturday - Friday will be placed on a Price Later contract. 

All Price Later contracts must be priced by September 30th 2018.

PL --Price Later Contract Corn and Beans
CORN-- $ .12  until first of the year-- $ .0375  bu / mth thereafter pro rated to the day

BEANS-- $ .14  until first of the year-- $.0375 bu / mth thereafter pro rated to the day

Grain Bank

Corn placed on grain bank will receive 60 days free storage.  Storage will then be charged  at .0375 cents /bu/ month . Grain must be good quality (not musty, damaged etc) to be placed on grain bank.


Discount Schedule



Drying charge  $.04 per point removed per bushel.
(subject to change based on fuel price)
Shrink will be 1.5 % per point.

Price later corn will be dried and shrunk to 15 %
Contracted and cash sales corn will be dried and shrunk to 15 %
Grain Bank corn will be dried and shrunk to 14 %

Test weight:

54 # + no discount.
53.9-52.0 # --2 cents per pound
51.9-50.0 # -- 3 cents per pound
49.9- 45.0 # --4 cents per pound
Below 44.9 # subject to rejection


13 % or less no discount
13.1- 15 % ---1.5% shrink each 1/2 point
15.1-20.0 % ---3 % shrink each 1/2 point
20.1 % + subject to rejection

Test weight:

54 # and above no discount
53.9 - 50.1  # --2c per pound
50.0 # and below -- 3c per pound
Below 45 # subject to rejection


Over 1 % will be deducted from gross weight.


2 cents discount for every 1/2 point damage over 5 %

If you chose to take grain back out you will be subject to a 10 cents bushel handling charge plus storage charges.
Please advise anyone who is going to be delivering grain in for you, who the grain belongs to (is it a split?—with who and what is the split), is a farm or field identification needed. All contracts will be filled first.  Please advise us as soon as possible when selling grain as to the correct names on checks. All policies and discounts are subject to change without notice at any time.  If you have any questions, please call us.

Thank you,  
Grain Department,
Mouw’s Feed & Grain, Inc.

Updated 9/20/17


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